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Find helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How much does 8fit pro cost versus FitnessPlans?

On average, 8fit subscriptions range in price, from $20 per month to $60 per year. 8fit is a workout and class app that focuses on follow-along workouts. Unlike FitnessPlans which is focused on driving customers.

How to switch from 8fit?

Are you looking to switch to FitnessPlans? Cancelling with our competitors is typically easy. We recommend checking their support page for cancellation instructions or visiting the App or Google Play store. Signing up with FitnessPlans is a breeze. Simply download the App and take advantage of our FREE 7-day Trial or choose your plan. Next, Set up your profile, tell us your goals, choose a plan and away you go!

Is 8fit free?

On average, 8fit subscriptions range in price, from $20 per month to $60 per year. 8fit is a workout and class app that focuses on follow-along workouts. Unlike FitnessPlans which is focused on driving customers towards specific validated results, 8fit is an ideal solution for short-term workout inspiration.

What is and how does it compare to FitnessPlans?

On average, 8fit subscriptions range in price, from $20 per month to $60 per year. 8fit is a workout and class app that focuses on follow-along workouts. Unlike FitnessPlans which is focused on driving customers towards specific validated results, 8fit is an ideal solution for short-term workout inspiration.

How to create a 6-week fitness plan?

Leave the hard work to FitnessPlans. Browse plans ranging from 4 to 12 weeks. Filter by equipment access and time per day.

Does the playbook app cost money?

Playbook App subscriptions average $15 or more per month. Playbook App helps consumers find fitness trainers. Unlike FitnessPlans which focuses on driving customers towards specific validated results, playbook is an ideal solution for someone looking to follow a fitness trainer.

What is playbook app and how does it compare?

Playbook App helps consumers find fitness trainers. Unlike FitnessPlans which is focused on driving customers towards specific validated, results, playbook is an ideal solution for someone who is looking to follow a fitness trainer.

A free fitness plan?

FitnessPlans offers free content and trials to our paid content. Download the app today.

How to make a fitness plan free?

Try free content by downloading the FitnessPlans app. You can save time, money, and disappointment by trying a fully assembled fitness plan designed by an expert.

Can you get fit without using a workout plan?

Reaching a health goal can be slow and expensive. FitnessPlans captures results achieved by plan participants, so you can reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

How to design a workout plan to meet fitness goals?

Designing a comprehensive and effective fitness plan can be challenging. FitnessPlans provides turnkey plans designed by Pros. Try a sample today.

How to get fit workout plan?

Finding a fitness plan that actually works can be tedious. You can search for a plan on FitnessPlans instantly, browse actual plan results achieved by past participants and start for free.

How to stick to a workout plan muscle and fitness?

Keeping with a fitness goal can be challenging because the results come slowly. FitnessPlans indicate results achieved by past participants so you can see the small wins each day.

A diet and workout plan?

FitnessPlans combines diet and exercise advice to simplify the process of planning and drive effective outcomes.

A five-day workout plan?

FitnessPlans allows you to find your ideal plan fast. You can search by the number of days per week, goals, categories, or time per day.

A good ab workout plan?

Often time, consumers don't realize that in order to get good abs you must have low body fat. You cannot spot reduce body fat only in the abdomen. Therefore, good abs are a component of a well-rounded nutrition and fitness plan. Search the fitness plans database to find plans that will develop good abs as efficiently as possible by using the "abs" goal filter.

A good cardio workout plan?

Sometimes cardiovascular exercise can get boring. It's important to switch it up not to plateau. Download the app in search for plans in the category "cardio".

A good diet and workout plan?

An effective fitness plan combines exercise with a supplemental diet. FitnessPlans combines simplified exercise guidance and nutrition guides.

A good workout plan at home?

A lot more can be done at home than most people expect. Download the app and select "home-based workouts" in the equipment category.

A great workout plan?

When it comes to the best fitness plan, you and your personal goals mean everything. No two individuals are alike. FitnessPlans aggregates biometric outcomes showing your real results obtained by past plan participants. Browse this data to get a realistic expectation.

Do you need a workout plan?

Yes. Not only do you need to plan but you need a plan that's proven. FitnessPlans records real biometric outcomes across weight, body fat, and lean mass to illustrate the average results a plan participant can expect to receive.

How do personal trainers make workout plans?

Typically, a consumer would go to a local gym and hire a personal trainer. After a lengthy assessment process, the trainer would prescribe a plan. However, many consumers find this process to be slow and expensive. Fitness plans is designed to change that by offering in Norma's database of plan options at an affordable cost.

How much do trainers charge for workout plans?

In the US, the average personal trainer charges between 40 and $100 per hour. So, you can expect that personalized fitness plan will take several hours of work.

How to build a workout plan?

Building a workout plan is a slow and often expensive process. At the end of that journey, you risk the possibility that the plan you've assembled may not be effective. Rather than waiting for weeks to reach this conclusion, you can browse complete fitness plans on FitnessPlans to see the results obtained by the average user.

How to build muscle fast workout plan?

Building muscle requires hypertrophy. FitnessPlans' programs are created by top fitness Pros with the required expertise to get you to your goal as quickly as possible.

How to choose the right workout plan?

Choosing the right workout plan depends on your personal goals. You can browse FitnessPlans to find plans by categories.

How to create a personal workout plan?

Aside from the process being lengthy and often times expensive, most consumers rely on generic advice which may or may not be effective for them. FitnessPlans aggregates outcomes for past plan participants so you can know ahead of time what you're likely to expect.

How to create a workout plan for beginners?

Being a beginner doesn't mean you can't find a fitness plan that yields great results. Save yourself time and energy by leveraging FitnessPlans renowned fitness Pros. Try a plan for free today.

How to create a workout plan to gain muscle?

Gaining muscle involves putting stress on the muscles for them to rebuild stronger. Fitnessplans and programs are created by top Pros with this expertise and years of experience. Browse plans, after downloading the app, and filter by the goal "muscle".

How to design a workout plan?

This process can be draining and sometimes expensive. FitnessPlans wants to change all that. Download the App and browse hundreds of plans to find cureated programs by top Pros.

How to get a six-pack workout plan?

Achieving well-defined abdominals requires, among many other things, the right training regimen and diet. Since you can't spot reduce body fat, your body fat will have to be low. Check out our plans tagged with the goal "abs". These plans are designed by Pros with expertise in achieving good abdominals as efficiently as possible.

How to get lean and toned female workout plan?

Getting lean and toned normally means low body fat. But many women can signal their bodies to use sugar as a primary fuel source as opposed to fat with the wrong training. Check out our plans under the "bodyfat reduction" category.

How to get ripped workout plan?

Getting ripped requires low body fat. However, if you want a strong and muscular look you'll need a certain amount depending on your height and stature of lean muscle mass to get that chiseled look. Download our app to search for plans that are focused on increasing lean mass.

How to get skinny workout plan?

Getting skinny is a progressive process. It's important to keep the body always guessing with new signals so that the weight loss does not plateau. FitnessPlans has specific programs designed with weight loss in mind.

How to lose weight and build muscle female workout plan?

One of the misconceptions that a lot of women have is that they may get bulky by doing strength training. In fact, the more efficient the body is at building muscle the better and quicker you'll lose body fat. If you're looking to gain strength, build muscle, and lose bodyfat, simultaneously look for plans with a strength or lean mass emphasis.

How to lose weight fast workout plan?

In order to lose weight quickly, calorie expenditure must exceed caloric intake. But to drop the pounds and keep them off you'll need to approach this the right way. Start a weight loss plan today and follow along top Pros who specialized in these programs.

How to make a workout plan in excel?

FitnessPlans was created to save consumers and fitness professionals endless hours in excel. FitnessPlans programs are complete with exercise and nutrition, and they can be discovered and started in under 30 seconds.

How to make a workout plan?

Making a workout plan requires assimilating various components from multiple sources. You can avoid this daunting task and the rest that your organic plan won't yield results by downloading the app and starting a plan quickly.

How to plan a workout regimen?

Depending on your goal, this can be a challenge. The body needs a certain amount of stress on a regular basis to promote improvement. But not too much and not too little. Save yourself time and energy by inputting your availability in our plan search tool. You'll find results based on your availability and categorized by various goals.

How to plan a workout?

It's easy for workouts to get stale. Fitness Pros specialize in keeping workouts interesting. Check out some of our trending Pros today.

How to plan an effective workout?

Prior to the introduction of FitnessPlans, it was not possible to objectively qualify the effectiveness of a fitness plan. Now you can search by the average results participants experience fitness plans. Review weight change, body fat change, and improvements and lean mass for a reasonable expectation of what any fitness plan is likely to deliver.

How to plan my workout week?

This is a balancing act. No doubt. Make it easier on yourself by finding a predesigned fitness plan. You can specify your availability and your goals to find the perfect fit.

How to start a workout plan?

Download our app. Browse popular plans. You can input specific filters and start a plan in less than 30 seconds. Plan days include short video and image guidance from fitness Pros, designed to articulate what's required each day. It's foolproof and fast.

How to stick to a diet and workout plan?

Often times, consumers derail from their fitness goals outside of workouts and meals. This is why FitnessPlans plan days include short vignettes from the plan Pro that shared behind-the-scenes tips to make sure that your mindset is correct each day, helping you reach your goals effortlessly and quickly.

Is Jamie Eason's live fit trainer free?

Typically, this is a paid product. Download our app to browse hundreds of plans. You'll find free content as well as an opportunity to tryout paid content.

What is the noom custom meal and workout plan?

Noom is a weight loss program. It specializes in the science and psychology of weight loss. On the other hand, is an aggregator of all of the components required in reaching health and fitness goals. One of those components is nutrition. And in some cases, you'll find that a fitness pro may specify or recommend a nutrition or weight-loss program like Noom in a plan.

Where to find good workout plans?

Well, we are biased. But FitnessPlans is designed to be the fastest, most effortless, and most comprehensive solution for fitness plans.

A 2-week workout plan to loss weight?

Effective and sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle. However, most people can make more strides in a short period of time. Browse our plans using the filter "weight loss".

A simple workout plan for weight loss?

When it comes to long-term weight loss, simplicity is key. Many people find that by scrolling and searching complicated tracking and logging result in quitting. FitnessPlans focuses on only the critical information and getting back to you as quickly and with as few tabs as possible. Try today to experience how low touch weight loss can be.

A workout plan for weight loss?

On the plan screen, navigate to the weight loss category. Or try filtering plans with the "weight loss" goal.

How to build a workout plan for weight lose?

Although, just compiling and building a weight loss plan is time consuming, maintaining weight loss is even harder. This is because the body changes and weight loss becomes a moving target. FitnessPlans programs are created by experts who specialize in this phenomenon. Check out the weight loss category and find plans with the highest weight loss change to find an ideal pro.

How to plan a week workout for weight lose?

Designing a plan that actually sheds the palms is more than just a tiring workouts. You need various components like nutrition, sleep, and exercise to be working together for your greater good. You can search for plans on the platform, buy the highest average change in weight loss and find the Pros with the greatest expertise in this category.

How many types of sets in workout?

This really depends on your goal. The purpose of sets and repetitions is to reach hypertrophy. In other words, builds strength, or possibly endurance. Save yourself the mental bandwidth by finding a complete plan in which a Pro has already solved this question.

How to workout arms at home?

There are many options for bodyweight workouts only. Search for plans using the goal "arms" and with equipment set to "home-based" workouts.

What are different types of workouts?

There are so many workout options and it seems like more are being invented everyday. The beauty of FitnessPlans is getting to connect with the pro for a couple of minutes each day on your schedule and being delighted by something new.

What are the best types of core workouts?

Search for plans using the goal filter "core".

What food is best for different types of workouts?

This is a great question. Food groups and their basic building blocks send different signals to the body. So food can be used at different times of the day and different times throughout a planning phase to accomplish different goals. Fitness Pros take this into consideration when structuring plans. You'll notice at the top of each plan there are short videos and images where the pro provides this daily guidance.

What is the best type of workout split?

A question that's asked is, "what splits protocol is the most effective?" The answer is Ben attends to your goal and the phase within your plan. It's important to keep the body guessing in order to avoid Plateau. programs are built by top Pros with this in mind and eliminate all the guesswork.

What is the best type of post workout protein?

Whey protein is typically the most favored due to its availability, price, and rapid absorption.

What is the best type of workout for slimming thighs?

Slimming requires a reduction in body fat. You'll need a well rounded plan that addresses nutrition, cardiovascular training, and perhaps even the right amount of strength training.

What type of carbs after workout?

It's a common misconception that carbs are associated with gaining weight. This is true only when there's an excess. The reality is that your body can benefit from a carb infusion following a heavy stress. Normally, simple carbs like white bread, pasta, and sugar are most productive for the body immediately after exercise.

What type of energy fuels strength workouts?

Carbohydrates are the first form of fuel utilized in a strength training workout. As your heart rate increases each individual has an ideal window where the body will transition and primarily use fat as a fuel source. Engage with the plan today.

What type of fruit before workout?

Especially, fruits with a simple sugar (which is most) will provide the body with an insulin increase and short-term fuel for workout.

What type of stretching should be done before a workout?

Stretching is something that almost everyone can benefit from. It's critically important when your exercise consist of compound movements. Often times, people forget that little light activity before stretching cold can improve the quality of the stretch and the result in less injury.

What type of workout burns the most calories?

There're many things to consider when trying to maximize caloric output. The body adapts quickly to the various types of stress, and therefore, sending different signals to the body in a strategic way becomes important. For instance, high intensity interval training, although, typically ensure bouts which burn less calories can in fact maximize metabolism over the course of the day and in that way burn "more calories".

What type of workout is CrossFit?

CrossFit can be described as a combination of circuit and functional fitness. Normally, CrossFit workouts are focused on metabolic conditioning and/or the Various compound strength exercises in which the heart rate remains elevated during the entire workout.

What type of workout is insanity?

It is the original program made famous by celebrity trainer Shawn T. Typically, these workouts are express and very high output.

What type of workout is Orange theory?

Orange theory is a group work out that consists workouts on and off the treadmill.

What type of workout is p90x?

P90X workouts involve a series of different modalities and they are top-five celebrity trainer Tony Horton.

What type of workout is pilates?

Pilates is a workout that can be done on a special machine called a reformer or a mat without equipment. It was invented by Joseph Pilates and focuses on flexibility, technique, and mobility.

What type of workout is yoga?

Yoga is a practice that's existed for thousands of years. It focuses on flexibility, flowing movements, and strength. You'll find yoga exercise and a number of different plans.

What type of workouts can a pregnant woman do?

Most women in their first and second trimester can exercise more rigorously than most people think. However, it's critically important to listen to signals from your body. You can search for plans using "pregnancy" as a filter and the pro will speak to these signals and what you should be looking for through their daily multimedia content.

Can flexing your abs tone them?

Flexing your abs causes the muscles to contract. This is the central way in which hypertrophy is achieved. However, it's unlikely that only flexing your abs would result in any significant increases in muscle. To achieve great toned abs, you'll need a well balanced nutrition plan and the right fitness program designed to lower body fat.

Do planks tone abs?

A plane is an all-around great exercise for not only the absence but the entire core.

Does cycling tone abs?

Can you help define the core. This is because, most cycling.

Does elliptical tone abs?

Yes! Theoretically, elliptical can tone abs since I can cause a decrease in body fat.

Does running tone abs?

Running is one of the best ways to burn calories and if caloric output exceeds caloric intake, then yes, running can actually improve the definition of one's abs.

Does swimming tone abs?

Swimming is not normally known as an exercise done for ABS. However, it can burn a significant number of calories, and that way, as a part of an effective and well-rounded plan, it could help in the core.

Does yoga tone your abs?

Yes, yoga can involve a number of poses that focus on the core.

How many crunches a day to tone abs?

Toning abs, requires not only exercise that induces hypertrophy. It also requires an optimal diet. Since you can't spot reduce body fat you'll need an overall decrease in body fat for toning to occur.

How to get toned abs in a month?

Within an ideal, well-rounded, and comprehensive plan, the average person can expect to decrease between a quarter and a half of 1% of body fat each week. Within a month, a 1% to 2% reduction in body fat as possible and can go a long way towards better defining ads. Check out plans filtering by the keyword 'abs'.

What to eat to tone abs?

There's no specific food group that will specifically tone ads. However, diet can have a significant impact on the definition of your core when body fat and slow by eating attrition dense foods but ensuring that caloric intake is less than caloric output.

How should I plan my fitness if I'm overweight?

If you have some extra pounds to lose, what's most important is the progression of the plan overtime to constantly produce weight loss. This requires a number of changes in diet and exercise to keep the body guessing.

How to build my own fitness plan?

Finding a plan that really works can be slow and expensive. Go to FitnessPlans and see real results achieved by past plan participants in under 30 seconds.

How to do leg workouts at home?

Legs is one of the easiest muscle groups to train at home. In addition to great leg workouts, you can find plans that are centered around "home-based equipment" or "no equipment".

How to lose fat from arms and thighs?

The great news is that you can accomplish both at once by focusing on reducing body fat. Many people struggle to burn body fat by overtraining. When exercising in excess of 80% of maximum heart rate, your body uses carbohydrates as a primary fuel source. But, strategic training doesn't need to be your side hustle. Find a plan and review the average amount of body fat reduction for any given plan from previous participants by downloading the app.

A 30 60 90 day plan for a gym?

You can find plans of all different links ideal for gym access. Search by total weeks or days, pro, or duration per day.

A diet plan and gym 3 days a weeks?

Search for plans based on your availability using the filter menu. You could also input the amount of available time you have per day.

How to build a gym workout plan?

Are you looking for a plan that actually drives results? Not a plan that drives extra revenue to the gym you just joined. FitnessPlans aggregates the best plans by the best Pros around the globe. Search for plans reviewing their real results obtained by previous plan participants.

How long should a fitness training program be?

It depends on your goal. What's counterintuitive is that most people do not think they can reach their goal more efficiently and with less effort. In the app you can see real results obtained buy previous plan participants. You can start with the outcome you desire then navigate the plan to see the number of weeks in the average amount of time per day.

How to fit strength training into a running program?

If you were a runner looking to complement your running with strength training that's easy to search for the app. Just use the filter menu and the tags "running" and "strength" to find plans for runners with emphasis on supplemental strength training.

What role does strength training have in a fitness program?

Strength training is good for everyone. In fact, strength training plays a role in the body's ability to develop muscle and enhances its ability to burn fat. If you're new to strength training, or looking to take it to the next level. Check out our plans and use the tag "strength".

Do it yourself fitness program?

For the first time, it's easy to find a fully comprehensive fitness plan in another 30 seconds. Try the app for free today.

Do online fitness programs work?

Online fitness programs are no different than any other form of fitness program because they're completed in the same way. But it's easier than ever for anyone to create a fitness plan. So consumers are stuck with trying to navigate all this noise. Instead FitnessPlans, quantify the average outcomes achieved by past plan participants so that it makes it easy for you to identify what you can expect for any given plan.

How do you ensure that a fitness program is effective?

Until recently, there has been no quantifiable way to understand the effectiveness of the fitness plan. But FitnessPlans is changing all of that. Now, you can review the results obtained by previous plan participants by looking at plan's details and finding your perfect fit.

How to evaluate a fitness program?

Until recently, that's been a real challenge for consumers. Most people are left to make subjective decisions based on the aesthetic of the person providing the information. But FitnessPlans changes that by capturing an average change in weight loss, body fat, and lean mass for each successful plans of previous participants.

What is the first stage in planning a fitness program?

Being informed. Deciding what you want to achieve and then assuring that you are relying on the most qualified resource to help you achieve that goal. With FitnessPlans, you can eliminate the guesswork by using the community's prior plan results to get a realistic expectation of the results you can achieve with any plan.

How to stick to a fitness plan?

Staying motivated is tough. Each day on FitnessPlans includes short vignettes from the pro to not only keep you inspired but to provide ideas outside of the plan for simplifying and satying on course.

How much are fitness meal plans?

Typically, a registered dietitian or a nutritionist would charge between $50 and $100 per hour. You can expect that creating a tailored meal plan will take a few hours.

What meal plan fits all nutritional requirements?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Nutritional requirements ebb and flow with the stresses put on the body and your personal health and fitness goals. The good news is that the Pros who are creating fitness plans on FitnessPlans have already done this legwork for you. Start a plan in less than 30 seconds.

Can a whole week without a workout make a difference?

Yes, it can, depending on what you do in that one week. However, after periods of long training. Allowing the body to fully recover in access of one or two days can actually have many

Can you workout a different muscle everyday?

Theoretically, yes you can. If you want to, it is another question entirely. Fortunately, this late work has already been done for you. Start by searching for plans based on outcome and then drill down into plan days to get a sense of the workload required each day.

Does a different daily workout prevent plateau?

When it comes to human physiology and response to training, no two individuals are the same. This made organizing an effective fitness plan slow and expensive. But FitnessPlans provides Reel Results®, the averaged outcomes (weight, bodyfat, and lean mass) experienced by plan users so you can discover the most efficient way to get the results you want before embarking on a long-term plan.

Does what you eat before a workout make a difference?

How you fuel the body prior exercise will have a significant impact on performance. Most people find that a medium sized meal taken roughly one hour before training will improve results. Also, heavy eating or eating too close to training time may negatively reduce results.

How many different arm workouts should I do?

Structuring the sets and repetitions within a workout can be challenging. This is because the body has an innate ability to rapidly adapt and therefore the optimal stimulus is a moving target. FitnessPlans programs have already contemplated this. You'll see this reflected in the outcomes provided by the plan as demonstrated on the plan detail screen.

How many different back execises to do in a workout?

It depends on your goal. If your strength training, normally that means working to hypertrophy to fully break down the muscles and allow them to rebuild. This can be achieved through various combinations of sets repetitions.

How to do chest workout at home with dumbbells?

There are many different check exercises that can be done with dumbbells. The good news is that it's easy to keep things interesting. Try the common bench exercises (presses and fly's) at different levels of incline and decline to mix it up. FitnessPlans programs incorporated variety of the most efficient exercises for improvement.

How to workout chest at home without weights?

The chest is a large muscle group and therefore there are a number of bodyweight exercises that can target the chest. Search fitness plans with the filter "chest" selected.

A bodybuilding workout that is easy on the joints?

Finding good low impact workouts often comes down to technique. Pros on FitnessPlans provide short videos and images with each plan day that speak to these subtle yet critical elements of exercise.

A bodybuilding workout that is effective but not long?

Many people overtrain or train sub optimally requiring longer periods of higher intensity to get the same result. Fitness plans displays the results achieved by previous participants of the plan so that you can know what to expect at a time. You can filter plans by the amount of time you have available each day.

How to workout like a bodybuilder?

Bodybuilders understand the importance and synergy of well-rounded nutrition, sleep, and exercise in achieving exceptional fitness results. Check out some of the Pros on FitnessPlans created by former celebrity bodybuilders and top Pros.

How to workout your arms at home without weights?

The best exercises without weights for the arms consist of pushing and pulling. Exercises like pull-up for the push-up are ideal for placing stress on the bicep and tricep.

How much is a subscription?

$10 per month. Cancel anytime.

What can I find on FitnessPlans?

Plans for every goal. Quantified, proven. Celebrity fitness Pros, top-tier yoga and pilates, bodybuilding, at-home workouts, pre and post-natal workouts, meditation, and nutrition guidance.

What comes with a subscription?

Unlimited access to over 150 instructors and thousands of workouts. Unlimited access to all guides and meditations.


Find helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How much to charge for a workout plan?

You can charge whatever price you prefer for your plan. However, the average range is from $5 to $20 depending on links. Keep in mind that consumers can subscribe for limited access for $10 per month.

How to create a workout plan to sell?

FitnessPlans provides a rapid plan creator. You can use the plan creator to build from scratch or to organize your existing workout, program, and social content.

How to make a workout plan for a client?

Enroll in a pro subscription. Download the app. Use the plan creator to rapidly build a fitness plan or organize content you already have to merchandise an existing plan.

How to make money selling workout plans?

Historically, one challenge that many fitness Pros have is that selling fitness plans wasn't point-to-point distribution model. FitnessPlans enables passive income by allowing fitness professionals to distribute their plans with the one to many distribution model.

How to create a fitness training program app?

Historically, developing an app has been an expensive endeavor. For certain businesses, having a proprietary app is important. This is much like e-commerce. Many businesses sell directly on their website or through their mobile apps. However, the majority of their sales may take place through third-party marketplaces and distribution points such as Amazon, eBay, or Google.

How to structure a program for online fitness training?

While the barrier of technology is decreasing the amount of noise online is increasing. A lot of fitness content is making its way onto social media and in the hands of consumers. But most fitness professionals struggle to effectively monetize their intellectual property. This is typically because the infrastructure for running a digital business can be expensive, time-consuming, and slow to grow. FintessPlans makes it fast to merchandise and distributes existing fitness plans to a marketplace of consumers in need of guidance. Start today by downloading the app.

How to create a fitness program ebook?

FitnessPlans enables Pros to rapidly create ebook-like fitness plans. Daily plans comprise simple and clear exercise and nutrition guidance. The fitness pro can attach short video and image vignettes to help guide the user through in the plan.

How to create a fitness program for clients?

Until recently, fitness plans have been delivered via hardcopy, social media, or text message. No more. Download the app and login to rapidly create fitness plans using presets and attaching your social content. These plans are always on and always available, creating passive income and on-demand access.

How to sell a fitness program?

Use the FitnessPlans rapid plan creator to create or organize your existing fitness plans from scratch into products for sale.

Are there any posting requirements?

No posting requirements! To be featured on the app, actively build your offerings over time.

How much money can I make?

There are fitness content creators and influencers making over $1 million a year. Your success will be highly contingent on the differentiation and effectiveness of the content you provide.

How to get accepted to FitnessPlans?

When you apply, you'll be asked to share your social media handles and background. We look forward to getting to know you.

What does FitnessPlans cost?

No upfront fee. No management fee. No hidden fees. You can join and create plans for free. FitnessPlans offers a numbner of premium pro services for $10 per month.

What type of creators can use FitnessPlans?

We enable a broad range of creators to use FitnessPlans - anyone who touches upon health, wellness, mental health, fitness, nutrition and athletics. Our creators include: trainers, fitness instructors, yogis, meditation experts, CrossFit instructors, endurance athletes, MMA coaches, influencers, coaches for all sports (soccer, basketball, golf, etc.), performance psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists and many more.

I have my own app?

A large majority of FitnessPlan Pros monetize their brand across numerous channels, including their own proprietary app. FitnessPlans is an incremental distribution channel (live selling a T-shirt on eBay and Amazon) that can be leveraged by Pros in a variety of ways as a top of funnel tool, a full marketplace, a distribution point, etc.